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The world is in an upheaval and everyone of us feels some degree of anxiety, uneasiness and loneliness. Values that were once considered proper have been changed. With this dramatic shift in common values, people are reconsidering the roles of male and female, the structure of home and family, and even social standards. Children, being naturally sensitive, are troubled by this environment of adult and social anxiety, and some are desperately seeking help by expressing themselves through various mental issues. As a psychiatrist working for mental hospitals for more than 20 years, I have come to understand that preventive medicine is important in mental illness as well as in physical illness. There are women who face frustration and conflict in the desire for true independence and growth within their own home and society. And men, as well, can find themselves awash and lost in society. There are professional ways of treating ailments of the mind, just as there are methods of treating illnesses of the body. True happiness can only come from within onefs self. The psychiatric profession is here to support and facilitate this truth. In this process, true personal growth can begin. For these reasons, I felt a need to create a special space, a warm, comfortable and safe place, where men, women and children could open up their hearts, and face themselves. Please feel free to visit. The door to my clinic is always open.

Ԙaq   Yuka Seo, MD
Graduated from Nihon University School of medicine
Government certified psychiatrist,
Japanese board of psychiatry Diplomate, Certified Redecision therapist
She has worked for Hiratsuka Hospital, Takeda Hospital, Ooizumi Hospital and Tsurugaoka Garden Hospital
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